The company introduced

      The Luoyang dragon auspicious numerical code color printing science and technology Limited company was founded in 2004, was one produces the multi-purpose printer's specialized factories, was the national only fair independent research and development, the production sale and the post-sale coordinated process service good faith enterprise, was the present global multi-purpose printer varieties most entire, quantity most production manufacturers. The company is equipped with the technical department, the guest to take department, the marketing department, the research and development department, to hit the board (processing) and so on departments, and has own research and development troop and the large-scale specialized production line, except has oneself brand - - East dragon branch multi-purpose printing outside the aircraft, but also provides the product as well as the technical support for the land's the multi-purpose printer dealer; May also defer to the user request revision custom make random model printer.

General manager gives a speech

General manager: 

       Technology is unparalleled speed to the promotion of social development, the pace of history to sonorous entered the information era, the empowerment technology infinite vitality, easy to UNSCOM since its development pressure, and firmly follow a path of sustainable development, dynamic within the challenges of the external environment has continued to adjust its business management model, the commitment to the spirit of innovation into new technologies, development of new products, in theory, the accumulated experience in the energy reserves Profound Accumulation realized with the independent research and development capability rapid development and easy to be special people, "depending on the quality of life, depending on users to God", and would like to sincerely all sectors of the industry, new and old friends join hands for a better future!

Enterprise idea

                                      Enterprise Concept

Exquisite spirit: advancing with the times, the pursuit of excellence

Exquisite style: self-consciously independent innovation of unity and cooperation 

Exquisite goal: to build the number one brand in Guangdong lighting lighting

Business philosophy: enterprise resource internal resources and market integration the same time, create profit for the partners to create a pleasant surprise users
Quality concepts: quality is their life, perfunctory equivalent to self-destruct

1, the first market, after the factory

2, the creation of consumer demand, and enhance the core competitiveness of the market Service concept: customer satisfaction is the starting point, innovation is the eternal

Personnel Concept: Germany first,into consideration and for the best talent,

Enterprise product image: To protect the quality to fashion for inspiration to original as a selling point.

Managers image: the exquisite selfless devotion to enterprises the enthusiasm of the staff for their work dutifully upright and honest

Organizations and agencies